Curriculum Booklets

Curriculum Booklets

Maths Lesson

Please read the information carefully and store this booklet somewhere where you can find it so you may refer to its contents again.

The purpose of this booklet is to provide you and your family with all the information that you need to ensure success for your children.  It should also provide a flavour of what your child will experience during the term.

Working together is vital to make sure your child gets the most out of their time in school and ensure that not a moment of learning is wasted. 

Our aim is to try to make the children’s learning exciting, fun, meaningful and challenging. We work to high standards that the children and ourselves are proud of. Our projects are designed to be an exciting experience or challenge so we can capture the children’s interests and generate enthusiasm. 

To explain a little more, we have prepared an over view of what your child can expect this term and how you can support their learning at home. 

Please remember that if you ever have any questions about your child’s education, please do contact your child’s class teacher.