Family Support

Family Support

FAMILY SUPPORT TEAM                           

The Learning Academy Partnership are very proud of our incredible Family Support Team, who work alongside children and families to identify the potential for positive change and acknowledge amazing achievements.

The Family Support team understand that being a parent can be the most difficult job in the world, but also the most important and rewarding! We recognise those challenges and are here to support you through tough times. We have many years’ experience of working with children and families, which enables us to work with you to achieve your family’s goals. 

Family Consultations – Case Work

Work alongside you and any other services to meet your family needs:

The Family Support Team may be able to support your family in a way which suits their needs. We can work alongside you and complete short periods of support around specific areas of family live such as housing, finances, positive parenting, relationships and communication. We can become involved and complete family based work sessions where some members of the family meet to explore any behaviours or challenges and seek your own solutions. Your know your family best! 

We are developing a library of information for families to access so that you can begin to research your own ideas about tackling tricky situations for your family and explore how a difference in you, may lead to a difference in someone else in your family. 

We may work with you to help address situations which arise and help to create an action plan to help you and your family get through some of the challenges life throws at us all. This may also be a one off session or a telephone consultation.


We use our ears and our hearts to understand your family.


Family play sessions

Systemic family play based sessions.

The Family Support Team also offer systemic play based family sessions to explore any themes and behaviour and recognise existing strengths as well as difficulties. These sessions offer the adults the ability to ‘join’ their children in a safe and secure place and to enjoy playful interactions. These sessions are very successful for allowing families to reconnect, recognise, communicate and enjoy each other. It is paramount in understanding the family relationship dynamics and prevailing narratives as part of family based work to inform the appropriate interventions which may be more likely to lead to sustained change. Models of these session include approaches from Family Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Narrative Therapy.


Find the right support for you and your family;

Use our expertise to advise you what other support may be available for you:

The Family Support Team do not know all the answers to all the questions but we do feel that you deserve the highest level of support. If we are not able to directly support you we have exceptional relationships with other services who may be able to meet your individual needs such as counselling, health related issues, financial support and emotional support. We can either contact other agencies for you or work with you to identify what you feel your support plan should be.



Coffee Mornings at Ellacombe Academy

Because of the amazing success of the Crafty Coffee mornings, we are now offering these groups once a week every Wednesday at 8:45 – 9:45 in the canteen. We have enjoyed seeing so many new faces and we know that these faces also bring experiences, stories and skills to share with the Craft Coffee Team! If you have any ideas about projects or activities which would either benefit the children or your families then please let us know.

Coffee morning also include craft activities lead by our PTFA and have been an amazing success! Parents, carers and children have all come along and creating art, craft and memories together.


Alongside our amazing PTFA, we have regular coffee mornings where parents meet for a tea, coffee and biscuit to talk and support each other. There is always space at our coffee mornings for more parents who are greeted with a warm welcome. We have also invite guests to attend our coffee morning so if you would like to hear from other members of our school community this is a great place to join. We hope that parents feel a valued part of our school community and we try to ensure that our coffee mornings are inclusive, useful and friendly!


Reactive Support

The Family Support team have created a Hub of support and appreciate that challenges happen at the most inconvenient times! We are available to offer support in any way we can from 8am – 5pm every school day and will try to be available for you when you need us to! 

‘Check ins’

We complete checks with our children and families regularly to ensure that we establish and maintain safe and secure relationships, which in turn enable us to support people more effectively. We can also feedback concerns to other agencies where safeguarding concerns are noticed.


Running Positive Parenting Workshops

Workshops for parents to share ideas and experiences about the hardest job in the world!

The Family Support Team have an accredited parenting support advisor, who has established a parenting workshop to be delivered to parents who are courageous and wish to try something new for the benefit of their family. We are proud to support those who welcome positive change and we understand that sometimes someone else may have a new idea. We nurture you to work together to support each other and try some new strategies to benefit your family. 




Attendance and Lateness

The Family Support Team are working very hard to support children and families to achieve the very best outcomes in their attendance and attainment. We have very high expectations regarding attendance and punctuality which we believe our children and families deserve. We monitor the punctuality of children arriving at school daily and will discuss any concerns or support needs at the time of the lateness. We offer immediate advice and guidance regarding amending morning routines via our ‘Tip sheet’ which have been designed for our families.


Attendance concerns can be more complex. The Family Support Team will monitor attendance with the Academy Head every fortnight and consider action plans to support those children who have been identified as requiring possible support. We will engage with families, including home visits to encourage children to attend school where appropriate and to support parents in affecting meaningful change and encouraging attendance.  We have designed and use family attendance contracts which are completed with the child and parents as an additional measure to the legal framework to promote partnership working with families.  


Solution Focus Approaches

We are non-judgmental and focused on finding solutions with you.

The Family Support Team know that family and life can be very challenging and our goal is to support you and your family to seek your own solutions. We help you find the ‘exceptions to the challenge’ to allow you to concentrate on seeking solutions, offer support and respect your individual needs.