Curricular Clubs

Curricular Clubs


At the Learning Academy Partnership we are committed to providing a rich and exciting curriculum for all children.

As well as a vibrant class based curriculum, we provide a wide range of curricular clubs which all children can join. Our aim is for the children to excel in different areas of interest and skill; curricular clubs can provide this as well as an opportunity to get to know other members of the Academy family.

Each term we offer a ten week programme of clubs which run between 3pm and 4pm. We subsidise the costs of the clubs where possible, and many clubs have no charge at all. The clubs are run by members of staff and outside specialists to ensure that each club delivers the highest quality experience for your child. 

The children really enjoy the clubs and it also provides them with opportunities to take part in sports matches, choir performances, music festivals and many other out of school experiences. 

At the beginning of each term we distribute a ‘Clubs Newsletter’ (see below). Parents and children can sign up to the clubs that they wish to attend.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to visit the Academy office.