Safer internet day Spring Term 2018

Safer internet day Spring Term 2018

Spring term 2018 

Safer internet day

Tuesday 6th February 

We are celebrating Safer Internet Day with many other schools across the world! All across Ellacombe Academy children are using this term’s ICT learning to be inspired by and explore issues of online safety within this year’s Safer Internet Day slogan ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you!’

Children are being challenged to make online safety games on Scratch or Hopscotch, to create their own online safety questionnaires, develop an AUP (Agreed Usage Policy) for themselves and at home and other great learning opportunities.

Go to for more details about Safer Internet Day! Here are also some other great sources of information:


We have also found that family agreements are something practical that children and parents can discuss and agree together. These can be very effective as they give both child and parent responsibility. There is a good template at:  

The Family Agreement can go up on the fridge so everyone at home is always reminded of what’s been agreed. 

For further information on setting ‘Safe Search’ functions and other safety tools on Google: 

For general advice, resources and information on specific online safety issues: 

Any queries or issues; please ​speak with your child's class teacher, ​Mr Trewinnard or Mr Funnell.

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