Easter bonnet Extravaganza! and Paddington's travels

Easter bonnet Extravaganza! and Paddington's travels

Thu, 03/30/2017 - 14:10 -- Admin

Lilttle Foxes Easter bonnet Extravaganza!

Easter is approaching and the Little Foxes are once again looking amazing in their Easter bonnets.

They had the challenge set for home learning – and this year the standards are higher than ever. We have been practicing a beautiful rendition of “Spring Chicken” to perform to our family’s. We will parade around the playground showing off our fabulous creations. Look out for multi-coloured bonnets, eggs, bunny ears and much much more.


We have come to the end of our fabulous topic about Paddington and his travels. This half term Paddington had to travel back to Peru. He started to send us letters with lots of missions. First, we had to find out about the animal in Peru and what they like to eat.  We learnt lots of new words like herbivore, omnivore and carnivore.  We then explored the weather in Peru and in the Jungle. It is very different to England. Poor Paddington didn’t know what to wear – a rain coat or his swimmers.  Then the final letter arrived. Paddington set us a very special mission. We had to create a fact file on one animal, using all our new information so Paddington can share this with his other bear friends. The little Foxes accepted and my goodness their writing has been AMAZING. Not only is it full of interesting facts about Jaguars, Yellow Tailed Monkeys and Speckled Bears. But they have used full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. They have made their writing exciting and have expanded their sentences. Paddington is going to be over the moon with these!